iG Aviation Singapore


IG Aviation Singapore Pte Ltd, an associate company of IG Group, is pleased to announce that we have been appointed as the GSA in Singapore for Raya Airways Sdn Bhd. We believe that this milestone partnership with Raya Airways will provide us with the opportunity to extend our scope of services to our clients.


Leveraging on our core competencies and existing operations infrastructure, IG Aviation Singapore is confident that we will be able to effectively promote ourairline partner. Sitting on the board of IG Aviation Singapore is Dato’ Peter Tan, Chairman of IG Group; Mr. Kenneth Tan, IG Group CEO; and Mr. Jereemy Tan, IGAviation Singapore Founder, Executive Director. Together, the board brings to the table a strong foundation of industryknow-hows in service quality, innovation and customer relationship management. With a leadership team that has extensive knowledge and experience, coupledwith a strong commitment to generate value for our clients, IG Aviation Singapore is fully confident that the latest partnership will further our goals of supplyingintegrated, advanced logistics solutions to a growing clientele in the midst of a dynamic economic environment.

Raya Airways is the restructured entity of Transmile Air Services Sdn Bhd (TAS), formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transmile Group Bhd that has more thantwo decades of industry experience. A dedicated freighter carrier, operating both schedule and charter services out of Malaysia; the carrier has recentlyrestructured its entire operations, and is currently in a fleet-renewal program. With the fleet-renewal exercise, Raya Airways will be able to carry loads up to 32tonnes by 2015. This year, Raya Airways targets to carry 45,000 tonnes of cargo and has set bold ambitions to triple the volume of cargo from about 30,000tonnes a year to 100,000 tonnes annually over the next 5 years. Thus with Raya Airways’ strong industry experience and bold ambitions; and our shared goal toexplore new opportunities while responding to emerging industry trends, IG Aviation Singapore is fully confident that the partnership will help us meet thechallenges of the market head-on to capture and sustain long-term growth.

IG Aviation Singapore is truly honored and excited to be working with Raya Airways, and we look forward to a successful and profitable partnership for all withour existing clientele support