Awarded – People’s Association


We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded by People’s Association for the following project;

With our newly completed warehouse and newly furnished warehouse racks & Inventory tracking systems, our clients would be able to track their inventory online, real time and get updated reports that are customized.

This project starting from June 2017, includes shifting client’s existing inventory from previous Warehouse and transferring all manual data into digital coding and storage. The entire shift is estimated to take 3 weeks and includes more than 50 pallets of inventory, 15 employees as well as our own transportation fleet.

This project is secured by our Commercial team, as they are tasked with expansion & business development. Our Transportation Team will be handling the move slated to begin on 8th June 2017 & slated to complete by 13th June 2017. Next on the list would be the stock-taking and inventory quality check as well as digitization of items into our warehouse inventory system. This segment, tasked to Operations Team, projected to start on 14th June 2017 & expected to be completed by 19th June 2017.

With great team work and careful planning, all required items will be completed by 16th June 2017, creating a great start to beginning to our working relationship with People’s Association.