Equipment Leasing


iG Logistics Pte Ltd equipment leasing service enables you to enhance convenience in your transportation. Our equipment leasing service is a complement to our logistics services. We are proud to be the leading logistics company in Singapore that provides leasing solutions to clients.


Our equipment leasing services are tailored to the specific operational needs of your company. We aim at meeting the specific needs of our clients by providing customized leasing options. Leasing iG Auto werkz Pte Ltd equipment enables you to avoid the initial outlays that come with capital purchase. This implies that your business or company will not operate on a constrained budget. As such, you can deploy resources to more beneficial projects in order to generate more financial returns for your business capital.

Our equipment leasing services are designed to cater for the unique needs of leasing brokers, small businesses, large businesses and equipment dealers. They are maintained regularly and professionally to ensure that customers get value for their money after leasing our equipment.

Our leasing prices are highly competitive. We also have a friendly and professional customer care and technical team that is always ready to help you while leasing the equipment. Our aim is to offer you the right logistics equipment that you need to realize your business goals with ease.