Warehouse & Consolidation


Warehousing refers to the process of storing and handling material and goods. Warehouses are planned spaces where handling and storage of material and goods occurs. Generally, a warehouse is a focal point for information and products flow between the supply sources and the beneficiaries.


We provide strategically situated storage facilities to our clients in Singapore. Our warehouses are important trade gatewaysfor clients in Asia. We offer a wide array of warehousing options that suite the core services of our customers.

While offering our warehousing service, we always bear in mind the vital role played by warehousing as a major part of the supply chain. As such, we have chosen invested in the right facility for our customers and chosen the most ideal location for our warehouses. This has streamlined our operation as well as those of our customers while improving speed.

We offer:

Custom-built & Dedicated Warehouses

Multi-user Facilities

Facility Operations

With our warehousing service, customers get valuable freight, temperature-controlled and proper ambient facilities. We provide warehousing services that include skilled operations and management teams. These have the ability and experience that is required to handle any warehousing operation successfully. Hire our warehousing service today to ensure safe handling and storage of your materials and goods.